May 2, 2010

Macaronette & Cie - English Version

First sorry for the English ! I will try my best to write as proper English as I can.

I am French and created a culinary blog called "Macaronette et Cie" some months ago to share my cooking passion, but also plenty of other things : such as cooking recipes, adresses, tricks... and personal favorites.

I love discovering new tastes, amazing products and ideas... Most of the time that means that I am virtualy travelling through blogs from all over the world (even not in French or English !)

and YES, cooking is not the French exclusivity ! It is universal and carried all over the world a sharing mindset.

Because of my job, some of my friends... I have to speak English almost daily... and believe it or not : I love that.
Even if people are speaking more and more what I would call "International English" (as I do), it is most of the time very useful for sharing things like ideas, cultures, discoveries... to speak English.

Since I created my French blog, I received some virtual visit and messages from non-French speakers. Therefore, making a parallel English version of my blog appears to me to be a good idea for sharing more.

However, it cannot be only a translation except for recipes, essentially (and I don't know why) what I express myself in French and in English, I never say the same thing.

So here comes Macaronette & Cie in English.
I hope you will enjoy


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