May 11, 2010

Curry mussels cappuccino

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At this time of the year, mussels are not quite tasty. But the other week-end, I wanted to eat some. Therefore I needed a recipe which can give the mussels a real good flavor.

I turned to a very pleasant website presenting some French chiefs recipes (France Chef) and found the Alain Gilain's recipe of an amazing cappuccino with curry mussels.

So good ! We loved it. It is so sophisticated in presentation, and the must : it is very easy to make.

Curry mussels cappuccino

Ingredients :

800 gr /29 oz mussels
250 ml white dry wine
2 shallots
1 carrot
2 celery sticks

For clarification of stock:

1 egg white
2 celery sticks
1/2 apple
1 tablespoon tomato purée

For the curry whipped cream:

150 ml heavy cream
1 teaspoon curry powder

Put butter in a kettle.
Mince shallots.
Cut the carrots and celery stick into pieces.

Add the shallots, carrot and celery in the kettle and let them cook a little.

Add the washed and rinced mussels and the white wine.
Do never salt the mussels while cooking.
First because during the cooking they will reject salt sea water, and secondly because it makes them rubbery.

Cover tightly and boil quickly.
In about 5 minutes their shells should swing open which means that they are done.
Put the mussels in a bowl and reserve the mussels cooking liquor.
You can keep the cooked vegetables which can be eaten separately.

In parallel :
Wash and cut in very small cubic pieces one celery stick.
Cut also in very small cubic pieces a quarter of apple (without peeling it).
Put the celery and the apple altogether in a cup.

Cut the other quarter of apple and a celery stick into small pieces,
put it into a bowl
add the tomato purée and the egg white.

Whip the heavy cream with the curry powder.

Shell the mussels
Throw away the unopenned ones,
and split them up equal part into all the service glasses.

Put the mussel cooking liquor into a saucepan with the cut vegetables mixed with the egg white and the tomato purée and some pieces of cooked carrots,
Whip it quickly while boiling.
Strain the obtained soup,
and split it up into the glasses containing the mussels.

Put some curry whipped cream on top of it,
and finally some small cubic pieces of apple and celery.
Sprinkle it with some chili powder.

Serve immediately.

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